Ukraine’s economy and population are growing, thanks to investment and an influx of people seeking to live, study and work in the country.

The engineering industry has been pivotal in Ukraine’s good fortune with a well-established automotive sector, and thanks to the marine industry making a comeback after the country’s independence in 1991, there are plenty of engineering and technical jobs available in Ukraine so you should probably know that taking a course in such fields will make your working life easier in Ukraine.

Living In Ukraine

The cost of living is much lower in Ukraine than in most other countries, even in cities. Food and drink costs you significantly less than in other countries, so your money will go much further. Rent is likewise cheaper than most other countries around the world.

Schools are state-run to a very high standard, and it is compulsory to complete school up to secondary level, which is why Ukraine has some of the highest literacy rates in the world.

The cold winters are matched by warm and dry summers with temperatures up to 30 degrees, and the local populace is welcoming to new faces.


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