These days, universities and colleges in France are starting to offer plenty of English-taught degree options for Doctorate’s, Master’s and Bachelor’s students all over the world. From its long history in medicine, culinary, literature, art, and history, France has plenty of exciting options for international students. But French education is also about innovation.


Why Study in France?

1. English-taught degrees is growing in numbers.

To attract more international students, both public and private universities in France have been increasing the number of English-taught study programmes in their academic offer.

There are over 1,500 courses taught in the English language, and the number is growing every year and you can’t miss this.

2. Learn or improve your French; isn’t this a great opportunity?

Although English remains the primary international language in many sectors, you shouldn't overlook French. It is the third most common business language and the official language in over 30 countries worldwide. I hope you are not surprised to discover it here?

Remember that people who speak at least two foreign languages have better chances to get higher salaries or apply for positions at large multinational corporations and institutions. I hope you do not miss the flight to France.


What to study in France?

When you study in France, you can find schools, universities, and institutions that are specifically devoted to the subject you’re most interested in. And because France has always been able to produce some of the greatest minds in Business, Engineering, Economics, Science, and Art, you can be sure that you’ll join the ranks of other experts in your field.



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